Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions


Principles & Expectations:

In order to minimize waste and insure customer satisfaction, we’ve included a few policies/principles that guide our experiences with our clients below:

    • If we own a mistake with your order, we will replace your items immediately.
    • You must review and approve your design, prior to production!
    • All Sales Are Final! Once approved by the client, our products are printed on demand. 
    • Client is responsible for the following approval tasks BEFORE production begins:
      • Approving all proofs in writing or by email only! Text messages are not considered a valid form  of authorization.
      • Insuring the accuracy of product size(s)
      • Insuring the accuracy of any text (including spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.) prior to ordering
    • We will not exchange or refund orders based on size discrepancy or errors made while creating your design!
    • If you discover that a mistake has been made with your order, please refer to the contact info above as soon as detected.


Product Turnaround Times & The Sproxte Creative Process:

To achieve the best creative outcome, we prefer clients, who them selves and their project’s, go beyond profit and actually energize our brand.  Of course we are a business, so this is not always possible.  However, we do reserve the right to refuse work on the basis of our professional assessment of the outcome, and how it aligns with our brand.  So that we do not offend anyone, and to enable the best creative outcome, please observe the guidelines below.  The guidelines have been established as a means of setting proper expectations up front:

    • Proofs on in stock in will be generated approximately 48-72 Hours AFTER a payment is made
    • Sublimation 3-7 Days Turn Around Time AFTER Proof Is Approved
    • Screen Printing 7-14 Days Turn Around Time AFTER Proof Is Approved
    • Direct-to-Garment [DTG] 3-7 Days Turn Around Time AFTER Proof Is Approved
    • Photography 7-14 Days Turn Around Time Once Proof Is Approved

Production Schedule:

We reserve the right to alter production and delivery time for reasons beyond our control (such as war, blackouts, riots, or any such civil disturbances, any acts of God, including but not limited to earthquakes, floods and droughts and any other cause or circumstance of whatsoever nature beyond our control that may have impact on equipment, cause back orders, from our suppliers, etc.

    • Payments & Proofs approved by 2 PM on Mondays, production starts Tuesday
    • Payments & Proofs approved by 2 PM on Wednesdays, production starts on Thursday

Rush Orders *(Must be Artwork Ready: Acceptable Artwork = EPS Vector or High Resolution Jpeg)

We make best efforts to manage our production schedule to insure timely service delivery.  However, from time to time there are legitimate needs for urgent production.  When we have to do this, we incur additional expense for deliveries, overtime, machine set up and other costs.  As such, we have set up the rush order processing fee schedule below:

    • Next Day Guaranteed – 100% of order or $250 whichever is greater
    • 2 Day Guaranteed – 75% of order or $200 whichever is greater
    • 3 Day Guaranteed – 50% of order or $175 whichever is greater
    • 4 Day Guaranteed – 25% of order or $150 whichever is greater